Homey at Homi

I have to confess that I did not even know that Homi was a Mexican restaurant until last year. In fact, I had even complained about the dearth of a good Mexican place closer to our home. A friend’s recommendation finally took me there. I see I may have not been the only one confused as there is now a giant sign above the door saying “Mexican restaurant” and the several Mexican flags that are a dead give away as to the type of food.

It turns out that the name Homi is a combination of Horieta and Miguel who are the two owners (so I wasn’t totally crazy that I could not recognize the name). Horieta cold not have been nicer, and said she aims to make the food “just like home.” I promise I don’t make food this good at home.

I had the vegetarian burrito with ensalada de nopales. I love nopales, which are the young pad section of a prickly pear cactus. They are a great addition to vegetarian burritos or any number of Mexican dishes. They also have horchata, which is a wonderful sweet, milky drink that is the perfect complement to spicy food. It’s sort of the lassi of Mexican food. Don’t worry, the food is not too spicy if you do not want it to be. I asked for some hot sauce and she brought me a small amount of habenero sauce that was the perfect amount if you like a little kick in your food. Also, don’t get the grande unless you are crazy hungry. They do make a smaller one, which I would get next time. I’m a glutton and I couldn’t finish. They even give you a free bowl of soup.

There is very convenient parking behind Homi, but on a day as lovely as this I could not countenance driving there, and had to bike there.

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